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News:J & A Electronics New Website

J & A's new website construction completed successfully on 26th Jan., 2011. Thanks for the efforts from R & D team, Markting team, as well as supports from Zijiren Technology. This new website will provide more information about our company and products.

Hot Products, where you will find the most popular products for different markets. There, you can also find some new developed products from J & A.

We also add Online Service, MSN Online, where you can get our quickest response when you have any questions or enquirey.

We tried our efforts to show our products as much as it could. While, frankly speaking it is not practical that to update products information once it comes out. So, if you are looking for other products which not shown on our website please do not hesitate to contact us for more information anytime.

Thank you very much for your cooperation! 

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