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18650 Multi-Charger
Input: 100-240V (AC), 50/60Hz,500mA(max)
       12V-24V (DC), 2000mA (max)

Output:4.2V / 1.5V  1000mA×4 / 500mA×4

Unit Size: 156.0×99.5×37.0mm

Weight: 275g (excludes batteries)
Product Description

0CH-2410V1000-C4 is an advanced multi-charger fits for both Li-ion and Ni-MH rechargeable battery.  It is capable of charging 4pcs different rechargeable batteries all together and the LCD display indicates voltage & charging status independently of each battery. Utilizing our exclusive accelerated charging technology, it takes only three and half hours to full charge 4 pieces  JA-18650C (2600mAh) lithium ion batteries.

Battery Size Fits For:

A. Lithium Battery
    26650 (2pcs one time)/ 18650 (4pcs one time)/ 18490 (4pcs one time)/ 17670 (4pcs one time)/ 17335 (4pcs one time)/ 16340 (4pcs one time) / 14500 (4pcs one time)/ 10440 (4pcs one time)

B. Ni-mh & Ni-Cd Batteries
   C size Series  (2pcs one time)/ AA size Series  (4pcs one time)/ AAA size Series  (4pcs one time)


Broad spectrum of Li-ion and Ni-MH rechargeable cell sizes
Automatically select charging modes when battery loaded
Accelerated charging

LCD display four battery voltage and charging status
Four slots monitors and charges independently
Advanced safety features

Operating Temperature: 5%(0℃) - 90%(40℃)(Full-load in normal working condition)Storage Conditions: Temperature: -20℃ - 85℃

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